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Training never ends in the world of analytics and marketing. We continue to strive in learning new techniques to apply to our trade. There are several companies offering online training if a classroom setting or particular seminar is not an option. Additionally, more and more colleges and other institutions have expanded their course offerings and have brought them online for anyone to learn at their own pace. Below are references to those online courses as well as books, memberships, self help, guides, and references in the field of business, Marketing and analytics.There are many good resources out there on the web with good structured programs to increase your knowledge.

One of our favorite sites which offers excellent online training is CMKG. You can find their logo below, just click on the logo to be taken to their site. They offer an abundance of online courses in analytics from beginner to advance. At the bottom og the page are a series of books covering off on topics in analytics and marketing. Learning is key, and you want to stay up to date on the latest  techniques and methods used out there. Another good spot is edX. Several universities and colleges participate in edX's program and offer a wide array of courses that may be of interest. The Category Management Association or CMA is the standard association out there in analytics and category management. Membership is offered through their website and could be of benefit to you in the long run.

The remaining sites are good resources too. It depends on how much effort tied to the time you are willing to spend, and if any of these sites offer one or many courses that meet your needs.

This list is on-going and will be updated from time to time as we find more online programs, and reference books out there.

Recommended reference books in the field of Marketing & Analytics