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Examples of analytics pertaining to business questions

Analysts and Category Managers are tasked with finding the insights or facts derived from data mining daily. We strive to answer that particular business question. Sometimes an analysis can be a full fledged presentation deck or it can be a smaller piece of the puzzle in addressing a particular need or question.

As an analyst, you must make certain the requester addresses all your questions when performing an analysis. It is also wise to understand from them "Why do they need the analysis" and "What's its intention, and will you use it?"

The following topics, questions, and measure examples below address certain business questions and give examples and analysis behind the business question. If the analysis that you do does not look as convincing, then always try another angle to find that story.

To read, please click on the links below for each topic to learn more, and to see examples created. Some of these topics may already be included in our Blogger or Twitter posts.